Nick Fox’s family race car, Orange Blossom Special.


With many years as a golf pro under his belt, Nick Fox, Owner of Orange Blossom Special Lawn Care, always knew he wanted to start his own business. He wanted to focus on servicing more people on a very large scale. With the motivation and determination from his late grandfather, James Fox, on his mind, Nick decided to take the leap of faith and start his own landscaping business. Using the purchase his grandfather gave of their first trailer and lawn mower, he got to work.

Now, in today’s day and age, it’s difficult to come up with a name that will stand out. “Nick’s Lawn Care” just didn’t have the ring he was looking for, so Nick worked for nearly 4 years with no name! Resourcing back to his family roots, his Uncle Vern Williams (who partnered with his grandfather back in the day on a racing team) approached him at a family reunion with, “I’ve got the perfect name for your business.”

Through a brief history of how his uncle and grandfather came up with their racing name team, it was revealed that their legendary name of “Orange Blossom Special” was the winner of 10 names drawn from a hat. That being said, it really was the perfect name for the business – not only for the catchy title, but also, the meaning and perfect way to honor Nick’s grandfather.

And the rest is history!

“Nick from Orange Blossom started doing my lawn care and it has honestly never looked better! So nice to have someone to trust to take care of my needs during my busy lifestyle! Truly top knotch!!

Jacki Borcziak